Brand Story

Samsung Interior Film is a sound interior film manufacturing/distribution company that strives to establish a win-win development system for a balanced development of customer-focused needs and the local community, providing everything from design development to production and distribution pursued by customers and the market.


We produce and develop creative and basic designs through gravure printing technology and a variety of printing technologies ranging from veneer to metal.


With our advanced lamination technology we produce high quality products desired by customers through embossing that enhances design perfection.

Adhesion process

We not only produce flame retardant films needed for commercial spaces, but also have a minor influence on the interior film industry based on its unequaled technology and know-how in producing non-flame retardant films.


We are always stockpiling inventory to ensure prompt delivery to our national distributors and partners around the world, and we are also working to ensure high quality in terms of storage and loading.