Samsung Interior Film is a high-quality interior finishing material for creating high-quality spaces by reproducing the texture of nature through printing and embossing technology to enable the expression of various colors and natural textures, such as the pleasant touch of wood patterns and soft leather shapes.

  • variety of designs
  • clear color
  • natural texture

Product Structure

As a product that has excellent durability and has obtained the highest grade of environmental mark and eco-friendly construction material, no heavy metals harmful to the human body are detected, and flame retardant products delay the spreading time of fire in case of fire and suppress the generation of toxic gases. It is a proven building material that replaces the areas of pattern wood, paint, and wallpaper for the base in the field of new construction and remodeling.

  • 1 Transparent film (PVC)

    This is a finishing stage that improves the completeness of the deco sheet, protecting the printing layer, improving product quality, and finishing the surface with various textures.

  • 2 Printing paper (PVC)

    Hundreds of different patterns and colors are provided, including wood, metal, fabric, stone, and solid colors.

  • 3 Flame retardant layer (PVC)

    It reinforces the thickness and provides a molding function to facilitate construction, and protects the lives and property of customers with excellent flame retardant performance.

  • 4 Adhesive Layer

    Our proprietary Air Zero technology and high-level adhesive technology enable a more robust and high-quality finish.

  • 5 Release Paper

    Protects the adhesive layer